* Crawlers MUST be at least 21 years old.  Make sure you bring your ID.

* Crawlers MUST wear appropriate attire!  A complete Santa suit is highly encouraged to be worn by men. Women can be creative.  Have fun with it.......

* Do your part for the charity – Registration is $20 ($30 if you wait until the day of) which is donated to Austin Sunshine Camps. Click Here to register.

* This is not a free event.  Unfortunately, all drinks will be paid by you.

* We will visit EVERY bar!!!  They’ve paid or donated lots of $$$$  to see you.  

* Keep in mind your tasty beverages must be finished before leaving each establishment.    

* DO NOT LET ANYONE DRINK & DRIVE!!!  NO EXCUSES!!!  No Crawler left behind!

Feeling the giving spirit?  Bring extra Santa hats, candy or some other ingenious festive item to give out!  Ladies LOVE this by the way!  

* Don’t forget to tip your bartenders, etc!  They deserve it for putting up with our….holiday spirit!

*Bring CASH if possible.  Credit Cards take time and can slow down the crawl.

* Happy Crawling!!

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